Fashion 4U - Introduction

My name is Sopha Shaw, I design and make clothes for women. These range from smart business dresses to exotic evening wear, casual dresses, shorts, trousers, suits and coats in differing materials for all types of people of with varying size and style preferences.

Why this Web Site ?

There could be many an occasion when you may have in mind a particular dress or other clothing article, using a specific material but cannot find or buy at a reasonable price. If this is the case then a sensible course of action would be to discuss with someone such as myself in order to satisy your needs and desires; at a very economical price.

This was my career for 15 years in Thailand before coming to live in England in 2005. Being a full-time housewife and mother I have since then been making clothes for myself and friends but feel the time is now right to reach a wider audience.