Fashion 4U - Sopha Shaw Biography

As described earlier I am from Thailand and have been living in England since 2005. I am based in both London (E9) and Milton Keynes. Making clothes from idea conception through pattern making, fitting to final completion was my career for 15 years in Bangkok. The majority of my wares were dresses but I also made a lot of other clothing such as suits, trousers, shorts and coats in varying material types and styles from western looking to indigenous south-east asian.

During the first 6 months of 2006 I attended two courses at Central Saint Martins college in London to enhance my skill sets.

Fashion 4U Process

The process begins with the concept of an idea which could be a variant of a dress seen in a magazine, or perhaps in a different material or even a straight copy. Maybe you have a dress at home and would like a replication in either the same colour and material or say differences in both.

Whatever your requests I am available to help you fulfill your wishes.